Game Rules

Game Rules

Players: 1 to 6  -  Time: 20 to 30 Mins  -  Age: 13+



How To Begin - Multi-Player


1. Shuffle all play decks individually


2. Each player takes three (3) Gold


3. The player who most recently bought a drink (not necessarily alcohol) at a bar or tavern begins the  game

    as the first Server.


4. The Server deals out four (4) Tavern cards from the Tavern deck randomly to each player.


5. Each player chooses and sets aside one Tavern card to keep, then passes the remaining cards to the player

    to the left. This is repeated until each player has three cards set aside. Players then take all three cards which

    they set aside, which become their starting Hand.


        Note: If any player holds no Drink cards costing “2 Gold” or less, they may choose to discard their

                 Tavern cards and draw three (3) new Tavern cards from the Tavern deck.


6. If playing Co-operative mode, the players choose the number of rounds they will play from the

   Challenge Chart.


7. Play begins!



How To Begin - Single Player


1. Shuffle all play decks individually


2. Take three (3) Gold


3. Draw four (4) Tavern cards. Select one to add to your Hand, and discard the rest.


4. Draw three (3) Tavern cards. Select one to add to your Hand, and discard the rest.


5. Draw two (2) Tavern cards. Select one to add to your Hand, and discard the other.


6. Draw one (1) Tavern card and add it to your Hand.


7. Choose the number of rounds you will play from the Challenge Chart.


8. Play begins!



How To Play


    Each round is played in three phases: Day Phase, Night Phase, and Counting The Till


    Players play cards and make actions at the same time during each phase.


    At the end of each round, if no player has won the game with 20 or more Gold, then the player to the left

    of the Server becomes the new Server, and a new round begins.


    Any time two or more players are allowed to take any cards from a discard or deck, the players do so

    clockwise around the table starting from the player to the left of the Server.



Day Phase

    At the beginning of each Day Phase after the first (but not on the first Day Phase), the current Server

    deals out three (3) Tavern cards from the Tavern deck randomly to each player.


    During the Day Phase, players may use any Gold they have to purchase Goods or hire Staff from the

    cards in their Hand.


    Any cards played from your Hand are considered “in your Tavern” unless they are discarded or stolen.


    Staff cards have an optional Hire cost, where if you have the card or card type in your Tavern, you may

    play that Staff without paying any Gold. (i.e. the Elven Barmaid can be hired without paying the 2 Gold

    by having any “Cheese” card in your Tavern)


    Once all players have finished purchasing Goods and hiring Staff for the round, the Day Phase is over

    and the Night Phase begins.



Night Phase

    At the beginning of each Night Phase, the current Server deals out three (3) Patron cards randomly

    from the Patron deck to each player.


    Players may play Patrons from the cards in their Hand if the player has a card in their Tavern which

    matches what the Patron “Wants”. (i.e. a Patron who has “Ale” in the Black Box next to “Patron” is an Ale

    Patron, and may be played if you have any “Ale” Drinks in your Tavern. Some Patrons have a

    different requirement, like “Any Drink”; these Patrons just count as basic Patrons, even if you have Ale

    for them to drink.)


    Once all players have played any Patrons which they can play, the Night Phase is over, and the

    Counting The Till Phase begins.



Counting The Till


    During the Count The Till Phase, each player totals up how much Gold they earned during the current



    Each Patron in a player’s Tavern is worth 1 Gold to that player, except Noble Patrons which are worth 2

    Gold each.


    Some Goods and Staff also give additional Gold if certain conditions are met.


    Once each player is finished collecting the appropriate amount of Gold for the round, all Patrons in each

    player’s Tavern are discarded to the Patron discard pile, except any Patrons who “Like” a card in their

    player’s Tavern. (i.e. a Patron who “Likes Wenches” will remain in a Tavern which had any Wenches

    in play this round, such as an Elven Barmaid. Even if the “liked” card is discarded at the end of the

    round, the Patron who likes it will remain, although they will be discarded at the end of the player’s

    next round unless the player can play another card to the Tavern which the Patron likes.)


    At the end of each round, each player discard any cards still in their Hand until they only hold up to five




Challenge Chart


    When you wish to play Tavern Masters by yourself, or as an alternate mode of playing with multiple



    First, select a Challenge Level to determine the number of rounds you will play. Any player who has

    20 Gold or more after the chosen number of rounds is a winner!


            Challenge Level                                    Number of Rounds

                    Buzzed                                                                 6 Rounds

                    Tipsy                                                                    5 Rounds

                    Sloshed                                                                4 Rounds

                    Hammered                                                          3 Rounds

                    Wasted                                                                 2 Rounds



Goods Types


    Most Goods cards have a Goods type, such as Drink, Food, or Games.










NPC (Non-Player Character) Types


    Staff and Patron cards are considered Non-Player Characters (NPCs) as they are not representing any

    of the players directly.


    Some NPCs have an NPC type, such as Soldier, Thug, Mage, Wench or Entertainer.


    A card’s NPC Type (if any) is found as a symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the card.












    During the Day or Night Phases of each round, players may offer to trade Tavern cards with one

    another. Only Tavern cards or Gold may be traded between players.


    Any card traded or stolen from a player’s Hand goes to the other player’s Hand. Any card traded or

   stolen in-play from a Tavern remains in play and moves to the Tavern of the player receiving the card.



How To Win


    At the end of any Counting The Till Phase, if any player has 20 or more Gold, then the game ends.


    When the game ends, the player who has the most Gold wins!


    In the event of two or more players being tied for having the most Gold, all players (even those players

   who had less Gold) play one additional round to see if a new winner will be determined at the end of

   the additional round.








Dirty Deeds Expansion


How to Use This Expansion

   The Dirty Deeds expansion adds in the ability to play or use cards against another player’s Hand and

   Tavern, mostly drawn from the Dirty Deeds deck. This expansion also introduces the Dirty Deeds

   phase, which occurs between the Night Phase and the Counting The Till Phase of each round.



         Red Gem

            Cards with the Red Gem signify that they are only to be used in gameplay when the Dirty Deeds

            Expansion is included in the play decks. If you are not using the Dirty Deeds Expansion, remove

            all cards with the Red Gem on the left upper side from any play decks.



Patron Cards

   There are new Patrons in the Patron deck who have a Dirty Deed ability, separate from any usual

   abilities. A Dirty Deed ability can be used once each round during that player’s Dirty Deeds phase as long

   as the Patron is in play in that player’s Tavern.



Dirty Deeds Cards

   Dirty Deeds cards can be played from your Hand during the Dirty Deeds Phase if you have the required

   type of card in your Tavern. The required card type is listed as “Agent” on the card.



Dirty Deeds Phase

   The Dirty Deeds Phase begins after the Night Phase ends each round.


   During the Dirty Deeds Phase, each player takes a Dirty Deeds turn, beginning with the player to the

   left of the Server and proceeding clockwise.


   At the beginning each player’s Dirty Deeds turn, they draw Dirty Deeds cards from the Dirty Deeds

   deck; three (3) on the first round of play, then one (1) every round after that.


   After drawing Dirty Deeds cards on a player’s Dirty Deeds turn, that player may play any Dirty Deeds

   cards from their Hand, many times targeting another player or another player’s Tavern.


   The player may also use the Dirty Deed ability of any Patron(s) in their Tavern during this phase once

   each round per ability.



Counting The Till Phase

   The Dirty Deeds expansion increases each player’s Hand by 1 additional card which may be kept at the

   end of each round. Unplayed Dirty Deeds cards may be kept in a player’s Hand, but not traded.







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