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On the winds of spring and summer come the fairfolk, down from the hills and forests to revel in the waxing light! They love to celebrate with the villagers, and have a known taste for fresh berries!

Note: NOT a stand-alone game, requires Tavern Masters core card game to use

Read more about the people and stories from the village of Redstaff

* Adds new Fairfolk cards into the Patron deck


* Brings in new Goods and Staff


* Earn buttons from Fairfolk to buy special bonuses


* Comes with exciting new Song cards and Dirty Deeds


* Includes special Faerie die

Spring 2023
Taking Flight!
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Image courtesy Ric Van Dyke 2019

"From the fields and streams of the nearby forest, the fairfolk have come into the village and the nearby roads to revel in the season and follow their flights of fancy. Queen Mab and her entourage travel through the region, sowing both magick and mischief. Brownies from the nearby farms cavort with their fair brethren from the Sunlit Grove. "The Faerie Folk Expansion adds in wonderful new Goods based around berries, Elven NPCs from the North, and a host of fairies, pixies, nymphs, sprites, and dryads. Add a touch of fairy dust and a dash of capricious fun to your tavernkeeping experience!"

Image courtesy Dann Kriss 2021

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