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Business is booming at the Dockside taverns! Sea-soaked sailors and salty dogs are coming into port with goods from afar, so it's time to fish for some new patrons!

* Adds in a new base drink type: Rum


* Brings in Sailor NPCs and many others


* Play new Song cards to earn more Gold


* Draw Port cards that play Goods and NPCs for free


* Enjoy vicious new Dirty Deed cards

- Further Expanded by  -

Note: NOT a stand-alone game, requires Tavern Masters base card game to use

Read more about the people and stories from the village of Redstaff

Image courtesy Ric Van Dyke 2019

"Down at the Dockside Village just north of Redstaff, the new seaport has been bringing in sailors and stow-aways from all corners of the Northern Sea, plus shipments and transports from various guilds and factions. The raucous crews are keeping the taverns lively with songs and sea shanties from many a long voyage, and the merchant ships are keeping the pantries stocked with exotic goods and spices. "The Dockside Expansion adds in lots of new seaside fun, from varied sea-faring patrons and imported goods, to the new Song deck and Port deck that can help you earn even more Gold than before!"

Updated 10/09/2022

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