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- Summer 2023 -

* Fast-paced elemental pattern matching


* Beautiful artwork that makes each staff come to life


* Hidden Client scoring at the end of the game


* Quick turns for fast gameplay


* Careful blend of strategy & luck



Build magickal staves with your fellow apprentice enchanters,

racing the others to complete the most staves for your boss, while

helping your clients get the staves that they need!

The master Stavemaker Andarion has trained you in the art of crafting the finest magickal staves in all the land. Now you and your fellow apprentices must race to complete new elemental staves for Andarion's high profile clients. In Shopkeep Mode, you (and any other players) will be crafting staves in your own workshops, getting the materials you need from the Market merchants and caravans. You will race to make staves for your clients until time runs out on the orders. The shopkeep who can earn the most wins Andarion's respect and earns the title of "Master Stavemaker". In Apprentice Mode, you and the other players will be crafting staves together, all pulling from Andarion's stock rooms for a big Mages Guild order, but only you know which clients are tipping you extra gold to make sure they get staves that fit their needs. The player who earns the most wins the title of "Magus Adept" and Andarion's sponsorship into the Mages Guild.

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