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"In darkest times the light of hope Shines brightest when it's shared, For every candle burns alone But gives more light when paired. Each ember still can spark a flame, A new light to be seen By other flames that shine across And light the space between." DKG Mission Statement
Dann Kriss Games began with a dream, then formed officially in 2013 to be the official source of games and other products designed by our founder and lead designer Dann, as well as other games and media revolving around our World Of Destiny or Stars Of Destiny settings. Our games have a tendency to be very thematic in nature, with aspects such a play-style, player agency, and luck mitigation balanced around player experience to maximize individual immersion into the setting, flow, and events of the game. Whether you're questing for adventure in our World Of Destiny, or navigating the galaxies of our Stars Of Destiny setting, or just enjoying a card game with friends, there's something for everyone at Dann Kriss Games!
Dann Kriss Owner Operator / Game Wizard Dann is our resident game designer, professional dreamer, world builder, scholar, founder, and madman. Dann has always lived in strange, fantastical worlds of his own making, and now we help him share those worlds and adventures with you. Dann also makes music, writes poetry, and has a passion for film. Dann has literally hundreds of games in the works, and so many more in his head! Get ready!
Crystal Ravenscroft Owner / Cleric / World Weaver Crystal is our resident Goddess of Creation, crafting worlds and factions, stories and legends, and is the better half of Dann in every way. Crystal runs most of the company RPG experiences for expanding and exploring more of our World Of Destiny, and she is the project leader on our Stars Of Destiny setting. While taking a break from conventions to raise our new baby daughter, she'll be back soon to bring us all her special brand of sunshine!
Robbie Campbell Finance & Logistics Director / GameBreaker Robbie is a game lover of all types, with a special love for strategy games like RISK and Chess. Always feeding his analytical mind, he has always been drawn to deep strategy in games like Magic: The Gathering and D&D. Robbie excels at finding and exploiting game imbalance or loopholes, and helps to ensure our playtesting is brutal and thorough. Puzzle-breaker, strategy maker, destroyer of weak game mechanics, exploiter of false economies!
Teej Rodman Marketing Director / Lore Master Teej is... working on his description ;)


Updated 10/09/2022

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