Tavern Masters Heading To Print

DKG To Be Represented By Impressions

Tavern Masters Heading To Print

May 11th, 2017


Last November, DKG was successful in funding the first print run of their new fantasy card game Tavern Masters!


Production was expected to run through March and April to be ready to ship out and arrive in May, but througout February and March communications slowed a bit between DKG and Whatz Games due to Whatz currently expanding their operation and opening a new factory. In late April, Whatz was still having trouble finding a new dice manufacturer, as the planned manufacturer was unable to match their promised quality on the custom d6s.


Production is set to start in the next week or so, and DKG has been told to expect that the games and expansions should be finished mid- to late-June and should arrive in the US (and other destinations) by mid-July.


If you missed out on the initial campaign, now is your chance! The PledgeManager is still open where you can pledge today, and don't forget that we have two Expansions AND a Metal Coin Set available as Add-Ons!






Tavern Masters To Be Run At GenCon '17

May 11th, 2017


Dann Kriss Games joined the Indie Game Alliance earlier this year to help work together with fellow game designers and publishers to build a stronger network for independent designers. The IGA offers many beneficial services to smaller companies like DKG that normally only the bigger companies can usually set up or afford.


One of the services that the IGA will be helping DKG with this year is running Tavern Masters Events at GenCon '17. We will post the official schedule closer to time, once we know the exact dates and times that Tavern Masters will be run.


If you are going to GenCon '17 this year and receive your copy of Tavern Masters before going, bring it along to play with some new friends! Send in pictures of you playing Tavern Masters with fellow gamers at GenCon, or any Con, event, gathering, or even just game night, and we'll post it on our website and social media to show fellow DKG fans just how awesome you are!





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