Tavern Masters Extended Campaign in March 2017

DKG To Be Represented By Impressions

Tavern Masters Extended Campaign

March 1st, 2017


Last November, DKG was successful in funding the first print run of their new fantasy card game Tavern Masters!


When the campaign closed at 11:59pm Central on November 7th, 2016, 551 backers helped to raise $27,437 USD to bring Tavern Masters to full glorious life. Not only did Tavern Masters reach its initial production goal, but both DKG and the campaign backers worked together to help bring an extra mini-expansion, a metal coin set, and a host of fun new promotional cards from dreams into reality.


At the time of writing, the files are being uploaded to Whatz Games and manufacturing is getting set to begin! Production is expected to run for the next two months, and fulfillment should begin in early May 2017, only TWO  MORE  MONTHS  AWAY!


Meanwhile, since being accepted by Impressions Game Distribution, we will have a chance at getting picked up by the major game distributors, but we need to send Impressions at least 500 to 800 copies of Tavern Masters. Our initial campaign only funded a base rune of 1,000 copies, and over 700 are already pledged to backers. So now, since PledgeManager will be open until fulfillment begins, we are launching this Extended Run campaign to give new backers a chance to get in on the first wave of Tavern Masters, including the 14 card Promo Pack that will be added to further by this campaign when it succeeds!


If you missed out on the initial campaign, now is your chance! Pledge today, and don't forget that we have two Expansions AND a Metal Coin Set available as Add-Ons!






DKG Represented By Impressions Game Distribution

March 1st, 2017


Since a young age, Dann has enjoyed making games. For the past 12 years now, he has been working hard on literally over 100 different game ideas, trying to craft the very best tabletop experiences to share with other gamers.


Since 2013, Dann's dream has been realized by releasing multiple games through his own game publishing company, Dann Kriss Games LLC. Now, Dann has the opportunity to grow DKG into the next step, worldwide hobby distribution!


In today's tabletop industry, there are literally over 1,000 games coming out each year thanks to crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter. The market is so saturated with games that distributors have virtually closed their doors to new indie game companies like DKG.


Impressions is one of the two main consolidator companies that help indie companies get their games in front of the distributors. Again, due to market saturation, they too have had to virtually close their doors to new clients except in very rare circumstances.


DKG is now proud to announce that Impressions has agreed to take DKG on as a client, which gives us a chance to find more of a footing on the world market. The more we are able to penetrate the various market sectors, the more we will be able to release our own games without having to rely on crowdfunding to get our games into the stores and onto gaming tables around the world. This means that we will be able to release more games each year, sharing more of Dann's exciting visions with a waiting world of gamers, fantasy lovers, and dreamers!


DKG would like to thank each of our backers, loyal fans, and believers, for helping us to get to this point. It is our promise to you that we will continue to strive to grow bigger and better in order to provide you with more and more exciting adventures and experiences each year! Thank you for making this dream possible! Happy Gaming!





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