Game Rules

Cthulhu: The Great Old One - Elder Edition

A Card Game for 2 to 6 Cultists




To Begin…


1. Shuffle the card deck, then deal 9 cards to each player .


2. Turn the top 3 Story cards from the deck into the center of the main play area

    (Shuffle any non-Story cards back into the deck).


3. Each player may play any Matched or Linked pairs they hold into their personal

    play area.


4. The game begins with the youngest player as the First Player.



Turn Phases


1. Draw Phase - Draw a card from the deck


2. Call Phase - Name a Story card to an opponent. If they hold the named card, they

    must give it to you. Otherwise, steal a card from their hand at random.


3. Recruit Phase - Choose to switch a Story card from your hand with one from the

    main play area, or draw a card from the deck.


4. Horror Phase - You may play a Horror or Cultist card from your Hand to your

    personal play area.



Card Types


Story Cards

















       * There are two of each Story card in the deck.



























      * You may play pairs at any time during your turn.


      * When a pair is played that names a Story Connection with a Horror card

         currently in play, you may take that Horror card to your Hand.





Horror Cards





















      * Horror cards are placed into a player's main play area once played.





Sign Cards





















      * Signs may be played at any time during any turn.


      * Once a Sign is played, it is removed from the game.





The Cultist



















The Great Old One




















      * If the Great Old One is in your Hand when the game ends, you lose the game.

         However, if the Cultist card is in your play area as well, you win the game.




How To Win


      * As soon as any player has played their 7th pair, the game ends and all players

         reveal their Hands.


      * If any player has “The Great Old One” card in their Hand. that player loses the

         game unless that player also has “The Cultist” card in their personal play area.


      * If any player has “The Great Old One” card in their Hand and “The Cultist” card

         in their play area, they win the game.


      * If no player has won with the Cultist, then each player tallies their total score.


                     - Matched Pairs in your play area are worth 2 points

                     - Linked Pairs in your play area are worth 1 point

                     - Horror cards in your play area are worth 1 point

                     - Cultist cards in your play area worth -1 point


        The player with the highest total score wins! In the case of a tie, the player with

         more pairs wins!



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