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* Match pairs to earn victory points


* Play Horrors to drive your opponents mad


* Beware the Great Old One


* Become the Cultist and attempt to steal victory


* Fun, exciting "take that" gameplay


* Careful blend of luck and strategy



Explore the dark and beautiful world of H.P. Lovecraft while

summoning Horrors and avoiding the Great Old One!

The town of Arkham is preparing for a ritual to help Cthulhu - the Great Old One - open the seals for the Old Ones to flood into this dimension and claim it for chaos. A few brave investigators hope to uncover the Cultist and stop the ritual before doom befalls our existence. Will you be an Investigator questioning the townsfolk, or will you be one of the mad souls that inhabit the dark streets of Arkham. Arkham Nights is a party game for large groups, played between two rooms or separate areas. Identities are assigned randomly every time, with any Investigators forming one team, and the Townsfolk (Madmen and Monsters) of Arkham forming the other, along with the game moderator playing Cthulhu. During the Day phase, each Investigator may ask their specific query to one Townsfolk of their choice. Each Townsfolk is hiding three different traits each, while the Cultist is hiding all five traits. The Investigators may then decide collectively to either kill (and reveal) one Townsfolk or not. Some Townsfolk have effects which trigger when killed. Then the Investigators leave during the Night phase to discuss their investigation while the Townsfolk confer and the Cultist either chooses to continue the ritual or use a Relic. Each card is a separate, unique character with individual abilities and traits, making each playthrough unique and excitingly different! This game was offered as a Limited Edition bonus release alongside our Cthulhu: The Great Old One Bicycle decks on Kickstarter. Only 100 copies were published in 2016.

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Updated 10/09/2022

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