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Here at Dann Kriss Games, we develop exciting new games for you to explore and enjoy with your friends and family. As we grow, we will continue to release our diverse catalogue of tabletop games - from challenging and immersive to quick and whimsical - and everything in between, along with premium gaming accessories. When it comes to DKG, we have something fun here for everyone!

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"Greetings, traveler. I am called Dann, and I have such wonderful worlds to show you. Won't you join me for a spell?" The wizard turns to you, waiting for your answer...


    Do you:

- Begin furiously chanting from the Necronomicon -

- Offer the wizard a pint of mead and a smile -

- Tell the wizard of children in the village -

- Join the wizard on his strange quest -

Updated 08/15/2019

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